What The Het?!

Ep. 4: St. Elmo’s Fire, AKA St. Elmo’s Hot F*cking Mess

September 1, 2018

[CW: this episode contains extended discussion of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and stalking. There is also a brief mention of suicidal ideation from 48:30 to 49:30]

Niko and Alex are suffering eternally in a hell of their own design as they try to untangle the wicked web woven by Joel Schumacher in the 1985 Brat Pack "classic", St. Elmo's Fire! Stalking, cheating, marriage pressure, fist fights on a fire escape; with friends like these, who needs enemies? Joel Schumacher hopefully, because he just made two for life.

Music: 'Head On' by Shady Monk (shadymonk.bandcamp.com)