What The Het?!

Ep. 5: Raiders of the Lost Ark, AKA Indiana Jones, Disaster Bisexual

September 26, 2018

[CW: This episode contains extended discussion of a relationship between a legal adult and an underage teenager, as well as of a suggested relationship between a legal adult and otherwise younger child. No details are given beyond what is necessary to establish the discussion, and all instances are either referenced as having occurred previous to the events of the film or suggested by the filmmakers but not enacted in the film itself]

Indiana Jones: dashing treasure hunter, tenured professor, classical hero of American cinema... and the worst human being to ever strap on a whip and a fedora and crash, boulder-like, through the lives of innocents everywhere? Don't look, Marion, (just listen) as Niko and Alex crack open the lid on Indiana's many crimes, exactly what would qualify a snake encounter as upsetting, and the government's best tops. Also, there's a lot of talk about Bee Movie.

Music: 'Head On' by Shady Monk (shadymonk.bandcamp.com)