What The Het?!

Ep. 7: Mannequin, AKA Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

November 10, 2018

Imagine you're in Edfu, Egypt. It's 2500 BC, and as you're walking along you see your average ancient Egyptian teen. Who comes to mind? If you said Kim Cattrall, you're probably one of the filmmakers of 1987's box office-topping horrorshow, Mannequin. Travel with us on a journey across the ages all the way to fake 80's Philadelphia as we bring life to such hot topics as the worst possible thing you could say in a job interview, how to literally objectify a woman, and the miraculous, magical, curse-breaking power of lesbian attraction in this time-traveling, surprisingly musical episode of WTH?!.

Music: 'Head On' by Shady Monk (shadymonk.bandcamp.com)